• Eco-Standards

  • Douglas Cleaners provides a combination of craftsmanship with the most advanced and environmentally friendly techniques in fabric care. Every piece, even everyday items, go through our stage cleaning process starting with an evaluation of the fabric and ending with a final hand inspection. We pride ourselves on quality excellence, outstanding service and meticulous care for each customer's individual requirements.

  • Environmental Management Practices

    Douglas Cleaners abides by the Ontario Regulation 323/94 and has a certified employee on staff.

    We are quite aware of the potential dangers of Perc ( Perchlorethylene ) and we are compliant with the Ontario requirements.

    I want to clarify some misconceptions that I know exist in a dry cleaning establishment. We do not have any tanks on site. Our dry cleaning machine is self contained and we do not fill PERC or remove PERC ourselves. We hire a third party company who removes the old Perc from the system and replaces it  with new product when needed.